Not All Potassium is Created Equal

Potassium is a necessary part of your nutrient program, and there are many many products available. But have you ever stopped to wonder.. what's in your jug?


Not all potassium is the same. They may vary in price, but they also vary in quality. There are multiple forms of potassium, and studies show potassium-acetate performs the best.


Potassium-acetate, as shown in the graph below, gives up to 5 times the foliar absorption compared to other K sources.  K-acetate also has a neutral pH and mixes well with other products. 


Terra Bonne K28 is a K-acetate product that not only contains a higher potassium percentage than competing products, but is made with no hydroxides! Using high quality, high performing nutrients ultimately result in lower costs.


**Did you know? Using a potassium hydroxide will result in high pH levels**


K28 Product Label

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