Hurricane Preparedness

The past few hurricane seasons have been pretty active for Florida, and if we have learned anything it’s to make sure you are prepared ahead of time! Having a plan in place will make for a quicker preparation time and smoother recovery. And while we do not like to use a disaster to gain your business, we do encourage you keep an inventory of some emergency supplies you need for both preparations and recovery. Keep in mind, power outages after a storm may delay getting product that you need. A few years ago, Irma left ITP and our partners at Southern Ag (and many of you) without power for almost a week.


As we enter the 2024 hurricane season, if you do not already have a plan set for your course & family, now is the time to get one ready. If you do have one, it's a good time to review the plan with your staff and update as needed.  


As a combined effort from Clemson & NC State, "Turfgrass Management after Hurricanes" was released in 2016 after Matthew. This useful article discusses management strategies for turfgrass & trees after a storm. Download the article below!


Turfgrass Management after Hurricanes

Want to create a personalized, local hurricane plan for your family or work? Use this great online plan generator!


Hurricane Plan Generator

Tips for Preparing Your Turf:

  1. Expect worms and insects after the storm. Have insecticides on hand before the storm hits, so you will be ready to apply to your greens and fairways.
  2. Pre-apply a plant growth regulator. Preventing overgrowth of turf after a hurricane will make clean-up a lot easier. 
  3. Fungicides... Have. Them. Ready. Heavy rains from these storms will cause all sorts of unwanted disease to pop up on turf.

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