Fairy Ring Control

One of the most important parts of maintaining a golf course is keeping the greens in top-notch shape. They are mowed to a low height, and have sandy soils to provide optimum performance. These factors, unfortunately, are perfect conditions for fairy ring to grow.


Many supers wait for fairy ring to appear, and use a curative process. Using a fungicide mixed with a surfactant is the go-to method, but a great option is to use a preventative program. Here are some tips on how you can successfully combat fairy ring before it even makes it to the surface.


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Programs for 2019-2020:

Bayer Fairy Ring Management
2020 Fairy Ring Management.pdf
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Syngenta Fairy Ring Program
Florida Fairy Ring Greens Program (2).pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [63.4 KB]
BASF Fairy Ring Program
2019 Golf Fairy Ring Spray Support Plan [...]
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Fairy Ring Program Comparison
2019 Fairy Ring Comparisons.pdf
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Fungicide Apps

Apply regular fungicide applications to keep fairy ring suppressed, a single application will NOT prevent the disease from rising. Timing is also key- depending largely on soil temperature. 


Core aerification will reduce the severity of fairy ring. Aerifying by thin needle or spiking will also improve overall drainage.

Surfactant Program

Keep a regular soil surfactant program will address LDS associated with fairy ring. Apply regularly but two weeks apart from DMI fingicides.

Reccommended Program Products:


Bayer warm-season solution for bermudagrass grees. Excellent resistance management.

Prostar Label




Preventative and curative control from Bayer, with a 21-day residual. Added Stressguard aids turf health.

Tartan Label




The broadest spectrum fungicide, mixes well with other Syngenta products for extended control. 

Velista Label



Terra Bonne offers 2 Displace soil surfactants, to improve fugicide effectiveness. 

Displace-IT Label

Displace Res-Q Label



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