COVID-19 Update

April 7th, 2020

Unless you're Amish and/or are void of the news media, you have now heard your share of the Coronavirus and the effect it is having on our daily lives. The word "daily" is appropriate since this thing is a moving target and it seems the rules of engagement change daily.

We've received questions from customers about our operations and changes that may effect them. That said, this is being sent out to update everyone on how the virus is, as of now, affecting our ability to do our job and fill your supply needs. 

At this moment we are operating and able to deliver as normal with most products. We know that even if your clubhouse facilities close down (any many/most have).. your turf doesn't close! We are committed to helping you get through this interesting time. Sunniland Fertilizer has no plans to shut down at this point and inventory is good. Remember mini grade and combo products are run on Friday’s. That said, If you have scheduled applications coming up you may want to give a longer lead time in the event that down the road product and/or delivery slows down due to someone coming down with the virus.  

Southern Ag is also well stocked and is expected to be through May at least.  Again, if you're planning upcoming applications you may want to consider stocking early to make sure you have the product on hand when you need it.  What we don’t know, at this point, is how the future supply chain will look since many of the Ai’s that make up these products come from overseas. No way to know how production and importing of these products is going to shake out the rest of the year.

**April 7th update: BASF is out of Pendulum 3.3 until late Summer. Pendulum Aquacap is also backordered for a few weeks- however Southern Ag still have some in stock. Also, any disinfectant products have gone up in price as the cost of Alcohol has sky rocketed. 


Chipco Choice applications, as of now, are expected to still run on schedule


What should you do!

First and foremost, make sure you and your crew are taking every precaution to stay healthy. We have included a link with some printable resources from the CDC, to display around your shop. Also included is a link to some great resources from the GCSAA, as well as information on how delivery companies are responding and making efforts to ensure safe deliveries. 


Every club should make sure you have an emergency application for each problem that may arise (disease, worms etc). We are spoiled and often expect next day delivery. Right now that’s not a problem, but if this virus hits delivery companies that could change (again, links for delivery companies are below and they should be updating with any delays in service). Not sure Pythium is willing to wait!

Plan your summer programs. Order 1 month early to avoid not having product when you scheduled application arrives. Nothing worse that needing a timed application and not having it.

Consider stocking enough growth regulator to make a wall to wall application at a heavy rate to shut down growth for a few weeks. Why? If one person on your staff or if anyone at your club test positive chances are the club will be told to close up for a couple weeks minimum including maint staff. That grass could get a bit tall after a couple weeks of not mowing!

Let’s all hope for the best as we get through this unprecedented time. While ITP is limiting face-to-face contact, we are here with you as we all strive to come out of this on top.  

Be diligent, smart and safe! 

Roger Welker
Sales Manager
Independent Turf Partners inc.




Service updates from delivery carriers:


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