2021 EOP Season Q&A

What Can You Expect?

The 2021 Fall Early Order season is here! With the numerous savings programs available, we understand that things can get confusing, whether it's your first time participating in an EOP or your 20th! We've complied a list of the top questions we get asked about the early order process. The ITP team is always available to assist you as well!


Question: Is there a minimum amount I need to spend, to qualify for discounts?


Answer: Usually, however it depends on the program. Minimums range from $0-$5,000. 


Question: Do I have to fill out any paperwork, or submit anything?


Answer: No! (Mostly). All you need to do is place your order with your ITP sales rep, and we make sure everything is filled out for you. For the Bayer EOP, you need to be registered for Bayer Rewards. You can easily sign-up online, ask your rep for assistance. **If there has been a recent superintendent change at your facility, please check that the correct name is on your account. 


Question: What are the best opportunities for savings? 


Answer: The best time to place your order is October, as most Early Order Programs offer an additional rebate % during this month. In addition, some companies offer bundle packages at a discounted rate, allowing you to double-dip your savings. And lastly, some programs offer a year-long rebate. Qualifying orders have the opportunity to continue their discount on orders throughout the entire year!


Question: There are a lot of options- can my ITP rep help me put together a spray program?


Answer: Absolutely! Your ITP rep can assist you in choosing items from various EOP programs that will fit your specific needs, and will maximize your savings. We can customize a sample program and savings calculator, to give you all the details before you pull the trigger and place your EOP order. 


Question: I want to purchase my EOP in October, for maximum rebate, but I don't have room in my shop yet.


Answer: No problem! Shipping dates are very flexible. Generally, you can choose a delivery date in October, November, or December 2021. If you need a delivery date past December, ask your ITP rep and we will accommodate your needs.


Question: I need some fungicides ASAP, but am not sure what else I would like to complete my order yet. Do I need to order everything at once?


Answer: Nope! You generally have from October through mid-December to qualify/place your entire EOP, and some programs start even earlier. Rebates will vary according to the month you placed the order.


Question: How does billing work, what terms will I receive?


Answer: Each EOP varies with term dates, but they generally will be due between May-July 2022. These details are always included on the order form. You will receive a bill from our partner, Southern Ag, when the order is SHIPPED. However upon request we can have a copy emailed to you when the order is placed, so you can enter in your system sooner. Your Spring/Summer 2022 terms will be specified on the invoice.


Question: When do I receive my rebates?


Answer: This will vary based on the program- but generally in the Summer of 2022. Bayer rebates are issued with Bayer Rewards, the remaining programs issue a check or credit.

Check out full details on this years' EOPs HERE!


ITP is an AUTHORIZED DEALOR which qualifies your orders for Early Order rebates!

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